Tranquilo Golf Club

Tranquilo Golf Club
11Dec 2015

Tranquilo Golf Club is a truly unique experience.  Its four sets of tees cater to players of all levels, from beginners to professionals.  It is unlike any other course, as it has a wildlife sanctuary, full service clubhouse, and Signature Hole and family golf sessions.

Can’t walk around the course?  No worries there.  Tranquilo Golf Club offers custom golf carts, with GPS navigation, two- way communication, unlimited bottled water in coolers and a ball washer.

What if I prefer to use my own golf clubs?

Tranquilo Golf Club understands that golfing enthusiasts want to be comfortable out on the green.  So they have partnered with ShipSticks and provide guests with the ability to ship their own golf clubs there.

How does the Shipping process work?

 Step 1- Schedule The Shipment- fill in the online form and select the pickup point for your clubs.  Also choose the bag count, size and insurance.

Step 2- Print Shipping Labels- print the labels from the confirmation page or from the email confirmation sent to the golfer’s email account.

Step 3- Prepare Golf Bag- prepare the golf bag, by packing and securing it properly.  If it is in a hard case, then make sure it is locked tight.  Attach the shipping label on it in a clear plastic folder to protect from water.

Step 4- Courier Picks Up Bag- the assigned courier will pick up the bag from the assigned location.

Step 5- Golf Clubs Arrive At Course- once the bag arrives attach the return shipping label then ShipSticks will send them back.

Address:3451 Golf View Drive Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Phone: 407-313-7777

Location: Walt Disney World Resort Area



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