Steak N Shake

Steak N Shake
11Dec 2015

Steak N Shake experience features primarily steak burgers and hand dipped milkshakes, just the name suggests.  But other entrees, side items and drinks are also available.  But there is no menu to speak of.  This isn’t the place to be if you want a fancy burger; instead it serves the Quintessential American cheeseburger and the best thick shakes around.

 What does the menu have to offer?

 Steak N Shake offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The breakfast offers the following dining options: California skillet, Home-style breakfast, Country skillet, Portobello ‘n’ Sausage skillet, Cheddar scrambler, all you can eat Pancakes and Sausage gravy ‘n’ biscuits.  For lunch and dinner, Steak burgers are on the menu.  How about the Original Double n Cheese, or the Bacon n Cheese Double and the Single for those who just want a simple yet delicious burger.  And finally for those with monstrous appetites, they should chew on a triple steak burger- three meat patties in a soft bread roll.

 Does the menu have something for kids?

 Steak N Shake serves a comprehensive kids menu for little appetites.  The menu starts with the Steak burger and Fries, Mini Corn Dogs and Fries, Mac and Cheese with Applesauce, Steak burger Minis and Fries, Steak Frank and Fries, Grilled Cheese and Fries and Chicken Fingers and Fries.  No other fast food offers such a comprehensive menu.

If the kids are looking for something to start off their day, then Steak N Shake is the best place to eat.  Feast on Breakfast Minis, egg, bacon, sausage and toast, chocolate chip pancakes and silver dollar pancakes.

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