SAK Comedy Lab

SAK Comedy Lab
11Dec 2015

Looking for laugh?  Well SAK Comedy Lab of Orlando has so much to offer to tickle those ribs! Enjoy a live improv comedy show to really get you going.  The lab uses ideas from the audience to make up a skit right in front of their eyes! Each show is unique as they improvise stories, songs and characters.  Some audience members are even invited to join the cast members on stage! All the shows are hilarious, side- splitting and completely unique.  Visitors can reserve tickets online and check for schedules on their website before all the good seats are taken!

Why should you visit SAK Comedy Lab?

Life is too busy and too serious these days! The comedy experience reminds you of how light life can be and for one night you completely forget everything else.  The improvised shows guarantee that each experience is one of a kind and definitely worth the wait.  You may even want to come back for more! The SAK Comedy Lab doors are open until late night so if you can’t get away during the day then you can surely swing on by in the evening.

What does this place have to offer?

This comedy lab offers something unique.  The SAK Slice of Life package, where the cast offers their skills to honoryou or a loved one.  They reenact a story of their life.  It is a truly wonderful experience, which will make this vacation truly special.  To arrange this package, the Slice of Life package must be booked in advance.  There is something for everyone.  Travelling with a group? The lab offers team building exercises and group classes, off site comedy shows and classes.

Address:29 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801

Phone: 407-648-0001

Location: Downtown Area



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