Pizza Hut Orlando

Pizza Hut Orlando
11Dec 2015

Pizza hut recognized for its pizza and side dishes.  They have crafted pizzas and are constantly experimenting with new products.  Those unsuccessful projects, are discontinued.  Their most successful concepts are: the stuffed crust pizza- the outer edge of the pizza wraps a cylinder of mozzarella cheese.  Once cooked and bitten into, the mozzarella oozes from the crust, thin and crispy- thin and crisp dough- an authentic Italian crust, Dippin’ Strips pizza- a pizza cut into strips and can be dipped into a variety of sauces.

 What’s on the menu?

 The menu at Pizza Hut Orlando will always have something new, so if you are sick of the same old same old, look through the menu for something special and different.  The menu consists of: pizzas, pastas, wings and sides.

  • The Classic pizza flavors are: supreme, meat lovers, veggie lover’s, ultimate cheese lovers, BBQ lovers, Pepperoni lover’s and the new primo meat pizza. There are also some new additions to the Pizza Hut Orlando menu: Garden Party, Cock-c-doodle Bacon, Pretzel Piggy, Giddy-up BBQ chicken, Cherry Pepper Bombshell, Sweet Sriracha Dynamite, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Buffalo State of Mind, 7 Alarm Fire, Hot and Twisted and the Old Fashioned Meat brawl.  But if these aren’t your cup of tea, create your own.  Let your imagination run wild.
  • Pizza Hut offers customers two pasta dishes: the Tuscany Meaty Marinara and the Tuscany chicken Alfredo.  Don’t miss out on these incredible pastas!
  • Feel like ripping into some lip- smacking chicken wings? You have come to the right place.  Pizza Hut Orlando offers chicken wings, on and off the bone, slathered with the most spectacular sauces.
  • Fancy a sweet treat? Why not dive into the Hershey’s Hot Chocolate brownie?  Or try one of the many sweet treats on the menu:  Hershey’s triple choc brownie, Hershey’s chocolate dunkers, ultimateHershey’s chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon sticks and apple pies.  Don’t miss out on dessert, especially a Hershey’s treat.

 What’s the Skinny Pizzas concept?

 Want to eat pizza but don’t want all those calories?  Not to fret, Pizza Hut has you covered.  The Skinny Pizzas Concept allows diners to enjoy that same great flavor, without all those extra calories.  By using a smaller portion of dough to make a thinner crust, reducing some of the toppings but piling it on with the sauce and veggies to give customers the same great taste.  Each slice is 250 calories or less, so enjoy the best skinny pizzas without realizing that they are any different from the original pizzas.

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