Papa Johns Pizza

Papa Johns Pizza
11Dec 2015

Considered one of the best pizza establishments for a long shot, Papa Johns Pizza brings traditional Italian flavors with a twist.  With mouth-watering toppings and soft and pillowy crust, it will make your meal a spectacular affair.

Create your own pizza

Papa Johns allows customers to build a pizza from scratch so it is exactly what they wanted to eat.  This makes sure customers are 100% satisfied with their order.  Select the size and crust style, then customize your pie with toppings and sauces.

What else does the menu have to offer besides pizza?

Just because it is a pizza chain, doesn’t mean that it is all they serve.  Papa Johns have a vast number of items on their menu for everyone’s tastes.  The following items are on the menu:

  • Starters: chicken wings, chicken strips, breadsticks, cheese sticks, potato wedges, mini cheese sticks, garlic parmesan breadsticks, and pepperoni rolls.
  • Salads: Garden Salad, Chicken Tender Salad and Papas Club Salad.
  • Pastas: Pasta Chicken Florentine, Papas House Pasta and Papas Seafood Pasta.

A kids menu for fussy kids

Some children are very fussy and its lucky if you can get them to eat something substantial in one go.  Especially when on holiday, parents want to make sure their children are eating after running around the parks and malls.  So Papa John’s Pizza has a cute menu for the little ones to munch on: cheesy pizza, happy face pizza, mini cheese sticks and kids chicken strips and potato wedges.  All pizzas are 6 inches and include a drink.

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