Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza
11Dec 2015

Visitors must be thinking, another pizza joint just like all the others… but they are wrong.  Dominos Pizza may be a pizza joint, but their menu is diverse and their artisan style pizzas are delicious.  With region diverse menus to cater for everyone around the world, they are known for their specialty pizzas.

Sure, it may seem like pizza is their main focus, but Dominos Pizza has a vast variety of products on their menu and that continues to increase every week.  Their custom pizzas are available in a variety of crust and toppings, making each pizza unique to the customer’s tastes.

What does the menu have to offer?

Dominos Pizza boasts of its pizza dough, and they have shown off its malleability as it is taken and used in each section of their menu.  The world famous dough is used in their cheese bread, bread sticks, pizza crusts and in their cinna stix.  Premium pizza flavors begin with the classic superb cheese, veggie feast, pepperoni passion, Hawaiian, italiano feast, extravaganza feast, tex-mex chicken, chicken legend, the Jamaican and the buffalo wild and so many more exciting flavors.  Don’t limit yourself to the basics.

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