Concierge Guide

Concierge Guide
25Dec 2015

Going on holiday is a real joy and can be very exciting, but it is important for you to organize your trip before leaving for Orlando.  If you want to avoid getting confused and overwhelmed, it is really necessary to plan something before heading to Disney.

Do any of your family members have special needs?  Do you need to rent a car or special equipment like wheelchairs, scooters or bikes?  This guide will help you in making your vacation tour much easier.

These concierge services allow visitors to book in advance and pick these amenities up on arrival or have them delivered to your hotel accommodation.  It means one less thing to worry about, so you can continue to enjoy your trip and have loads of fun.

Local Weather

When visiting Orlando, weather is an important factor to consider when booking tickets.  Make sure to check the weather before heading out to the theme parks.  In addition to this, don’t forget to consider crowd factor when deciding which time of the year to visit Orlando.

The biggest advantage of visiting Orlando is that all year round it is sunny, comfortable and the weather is mild.  Florida is known for its warmth and pleasant climate, hence, the reason why it is called ‘the sunshine state’.  The average temperature in Orlando remains at a comfortable 72 degrees.

Visitors flock to Florida all year round for its theme parks and attractions.  The beautiful weather makes the beaches and resorts busy all the time.  Air fares and hotels are cheaper in the summer months as tourism numbers are lower, in comparison to the winters and springs.

Spring and summer

The spring season in March is the optimum time to visit Orlando.  However, because of spring break it is likely that all the theme parks will be over crowded with kids and their parents.  The spring season can bring the occasional bout of wildfires in rural areas, but these rarely occur in the cities.

The summer months of June to August bring high humidity, thunderstorms, in addition to sticky and sweaty tourists.  For those visiting Orlando in the summer, you need to wake and explore as early as possible.  This means waking up and getting to the attractions before everyone; as soon as the parks open.  The early rise ensures you make it to the park attractions before the lines get too long and you make it out before the thunderstorms hit around lunch time.  There’s also another option for when the thunderstorms hit; visitors may opt to stay indoors at one of the indoor attractions like Disney Quest.

For health reasons, do not spend the entire day out in the summer heat and blistering sun.  For those unaccustomed to the penetrating Florida sun, be sure you wear a hat, sunglasses and sun lotion.  Also for the afternoons, pack a poncho; you don’t want to get caught in the rain.  But for those who forget, not to worry, ponchos can be purchased at the theme park shops.

Hurricanes and Tropical Rains

Rainfall and thunderstorms are common in Florida.  It is in fact the state with the highest number of thunderstorms in America.  Average rainfall in that season ranges between 50 and 60 inches (125-150cm).  Florida’s hurricane and Tropical Rains season begins from June to November and it is considered even worse in September and October.  Florida’s weather can be very unpredictable.  When thunderstorms hit, it means it’s time to run for shelter!  Visitors shouldn’t expect a thunderstorm every day at 2pm.  But the rain could mean that plans will get cancelled, delayed, or even tours may be cancelled.

Autumn and winter

The best time to visit Orlando is September to October.  It’s warm, but not humid.  September marks the beginning of the school term and that means the rush at the theme parks is convenient and easier to manage.  The best thing about visiting at this time is as the theme parks celebrate so many seasonal celebrations, especially in October.  Mickey’s not-so- scary Halloween Party (for kids) at the Magic Kingdom, or the Halloween Horror nights (for teens and adults) begins at Universal Orlando.

The weather is lovely in early November, but avoid this time as people traffic is heavier due to winter break in for those schools in Northeast USA.   Early December is also a lovely time to visit, as all the theme parks are decorated for the holidays. Holiday events are in full swing, but the spectators don’t visit until the end of the month.  The holiday events feature the Ice Carvings from China and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties.

But there is a downside of visiting around Christmas time (last 2 weeks of December).  The parks get so full beyond capacity, that sometimes the theme parks have to close down.  A better time to visit is the beginning of December if you still wish to enjoy the holiday events and decorations.

The average temperature in the winter months is in the low 60’s, and occasionally reaches into the high 70’s.  Frost is not uncommon, but a light sweater may come in handy during the day and a windbreaker at night.




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