California Grill

California Grill
13Dec 2015

California Grill is a famous Restaurant serving gourmet dining apart from beautiful views of Disney World.  The Contemporary Resort, California Grill features modern Californian dishes and the menu showcases the freshest and all the seasonal foods.

What does the wine selection hold in store for diners? 

The California Grill has an extensive wine list and offers around 250 wine choices.  The wine display can be seen from the elevator, and the climate- controlled display is home to 1600 bottles of the most delicious wines ever found.  But wine isn’t the only drink to enjoy with.  The restaurant offers many alcoholic beverages for those who don’t want fancy bottle of wine.  There are 8 types of beers, ciders and signature cocktails.  The signature cocktails are created and fashioned nicely by professional mixologists.

Why come here?

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience where diners are invited to watch the talented chefs preparing meals from the onstage kitchen.  It is a truly memorable experience, and you will never want to miss out.  For those looking for a remarkable view, the observation deck is the perfect place to enjoy the dancing fireworks. A perfect end to a beautiful evening.

What does the menu offer its diners?

Are you a fan of food from the land and the sea?  You can pick both here, as California Grill offers delicious soups and salads, beautiful mains, tasty desserts and drinks.  Slurp on the caramelized spring onion soup to start off your meal, and then move onto a seafood or meat.  All mains are served and dived into a dessert to finish dining.  The chocolate pudding cake seems enticing as well.

Address: Disney’s Contemporary Resort, 4600 N World Dr,Orlando, FL 32830-8413

Phone:(407) 939-3463

Location: Walt Disney World



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